Will & Trust Lawyer Dearborn, MI

Hire a knowledgeable attorney in Dearborn, MI, to create a will

The last thing you want to do is make your family go through a lengthy probate process or cause them to fight over your assets. Peter C. Doyle, Attorney at Law in Dearborn, MI, will help you put your wishes on paper, so you can rest easy knowing your assets will be distributed exactly how you want.
Estate planning documents are used to:

  • Give instructions to family members on how to distribute your property
  • Name the beneficiaries who will receive your assets
  • Choose an executor of the will
  • Name the guardian who will care for your children

If you're ready to create a will, turn to Peter C. Doyle, Attorney at Law for help. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Interested in creating a trust? Peter Doyle is the attorney to call.

A trust is a legal document that is created to distribute property before, during or after death. A trust names a person or institution to hold the legal title to another person's real or personal property, including money, real estate or stocks.
Start planning for what will happen to your assets after you're gone.

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Will & Trust Lawyer Dearborn, MI

Prepare Your Assets for the Future

Attorney Doyle can help you with wills or trusts in Dearborn, MI

It's essential to have documents in place that detail your wishes when you pass away. Without a will or trust, your family may not receive the assets you want for them.

Peter Doyle Attorney At Law provides assistance with wills and trusts for clients all around Dearborn, MI. He can discuss your needs and help you establish the legal paperwork required to secure your assets for your family.

Whether you need to set up a will or trust, or if you need to modify an existing document, turn to attorney Doyle. Call today to schedule a consultation.

What are wills and trusts?

Everyone's situation is different, so you need to know if a will or a trust is right for you. Here are a few details:

  • Wills are documents that detail how a person wants their assets to be distributed. The will is executed after a person passes away.
  • Trusts are documents that include a broader set of wishes, including powers of attorney and asset distribution during a person's life. Trusts can include a will.

Attorney Doyle can help you navigate the legal world of wills and trusts. Talk to attorney Doyle today to get started.